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When my mother told me that I needed to go and stay with my father a year ago, I was less than impressed with it.
I knew that our pack was having difficulties as the Alpha had just died and his 19-year-old arrogant prick of a son was our new Alpha but sending me away seemed a little extreme.
I didn’t want to leave. I was only 16 and all my friends were there and my whole life had been that werewolf pack.

My father had since found a new mate and she is an evil woman who hates kids and especially hated me cramping their style.
When I first arrived at their house she acted as though I was a toddler and I was going to completely disrupt their lives.
I wasn’t a fucking child. I knew how to take care of myself. If they wanted to go out then they didn’t need to find me a babysitter.
I was old enough to be a babysitter. But she still hated my presence here in the house.

She vowed as soon as I moved into the house that I was going to get a job and take care of myself.
They weren’t even going to buy food for me. I needed to be completely independent. They weren’t going to help me with anything.
If I was going to have a phone then I needed to find the money to pay for it. They didn’t help me with anything and acted like I wasn’t there.

When they did speak to me it was usually because they wanted something. But otherwise, I didn’t exist to them.
Which I guess I was fine with. I started working at a diner and I was grateful for the job.
It meant that I didn’t have to be at home and the tips weren’t too bad. Everyone in town knew who my stepmother was and I guess they took pity on me.
I didn’t mind. It meant more money for me.

Mine – The Alpha’s Possession Chapter 1-5

Mine – The Alpha’s Possession Chapter 5-8

Mine – The Alpha’s Possession Chapter 9-12

Mine – The Alpha’s Possession Chapter 13-15

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