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“Young man, you have quite the physique. A martial arts genius like you is one in a million…
I have here an exquisite piece. Something like this is hard to come by, and I’ll only sell it to you for one hundred…
How does that sound?”
An old man dressed in ill-fitted clothes approached Anthony Stewart and pulled on his sleeve.
He pressed a bracelet into Anthony’s hand.

The bracelet was made out of nine Carnelian stones.
At a glance, it looked like the real thing, but when Anthony looked at it closely, the paint on half of them was peeling off, revealing something black inside.
Anthony could not tell what it was made of, but he knew that it was a fake.

This old fart thought that he could trick me! What a joke!
“Old man, have a look here… See, the paint is peeling… I don’t want it!”
Anthony pushed the bracelet back into the old man’s hands.
As he was insisting, the bracelet somehow pricked Anthony, causing him to bleed. What horrible luck he had!
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Visible World Chapter 26-30

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