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Not A HUMAN? Novel Synopsis​

Realynn Keller is an only child who lives with her mother in small apartment in the city.
She always thought that her father abondaned because of his new family but is grateful to her mother for raising her.

When her mother marries her new husband she is happy for her but her life changes
when she is told that she is a werewolf and her father abondaned her because she didn’t get a wolf at 13 like his other daughter
born to his omega real mate and now she will have to join her step father’s pack.

But she doesn’t want to be selfish and reluctantly agrees to join in order to ensure her mother’s happiness.
She is prepared to adapt to life as a werewolf but not to the Attraction she has for the Alpha of her new Pack.

Not A HUMAN? Chapter 1-5

Not A HUMAN? Chapter 5-8

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