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The Last Alpha Novel PDF Download/Reading Online​

*The book is 3 books in 1- The Last Alpha Trilogy.
You can still find the other two books separately if you prefer and just read The Last Alpha
but Dark Love and His Lost Tribrid are placed at the end of this book for continuity.

Sometimes fate is forbidden…
Alina is heartbroken when she walks in on her boyfriend of 3 years in bed with another woman.
When her best friend forces her out of her depression to attend a party of an elite couple Logan and Madeline who are hiding their true identities,
the last thing Alina expected was to end up as an object of their desires…

Logan is the last remaining Alpha of his kind. After years in hiding amongst the humans,
it is finally time to seek his revenge and restore his pack with his childhood sweetheart Madeline by his side.
He had promised her that she would be his Luna.
But when he finds out that Alina is the one he’s meant to be with……will he choose loyalty or love?

The Last Alpha Novel Chapter 1-5

The Last Alpha Novel Chapter 5-7

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