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The Alpha’s Contract (Neah and Dane) Novel Synopsis

Accidentally killing her own parent’s is what turned Neah’s life upside down.
As punishment for her crimes, her wolf abilities were bound and was forced into a life of slavery by her own brother.
At the age of twenty two, she saw no way of getting out and had given up on life, just trying to make it through each day.
A contract between packs brings the arrival of the powerful, crimson eyed Alpha Dane.
A wolf that was feared by men, yet Neah couldn’t help but be fascinated by him. Adding Neah to the contract was never Alpha Danes plan.
There was just something about her strange scent that lured him in and he knew he couldn’t leave her behind,
especially not when he heard the lies coming from her brothers mouth.
But meeting Neah was just the beginning.
If Alpha Dane isn’t being challenged by her, then it was her old pack that was trying to make life extremely difficult for him by keeping secrets buried

The Alpha’s Contract Novel Chapter 1-5

The Alpha’s Contract Novel Chapter 5-8

The Alpha’s Contract Novel Chapter 8-40

The Alpha’s Contract Novel Chapter 41-80

The Alpha’s Contract Novel Chapter 81-100

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