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Bang Bang*

I hear someone knocking at the door, and I know it’s Grace.
She’s been my best friend since we were IO years old, and she comes to get me out of bed every morning for the last six weeks.
Six weeks ago my whole life was turned upside down.
My parents, my brother Lev, and l were all sitting around the table eating pancakes with fruit and whipped cream for breakfast; my Mom’s Saturday specialty.

We were talking and enjoying each other’s company like any other Saturday morning when everything changed.
My Dad said that Alpha wanted him to evaluate a breach at the eastern border.
My Mom, being a doctor, wanted to go with my Dad to make sure all of the pack members were okay.

My Dad was a Gamma, 3rd in command at Cold

Moon. Cold Moon is one of the strongest packs around. My Dad was so strong, I still can’t believe he is gone.

A Mother Before A Mate Chapter 1-5

A Mother Before A Mate Chapter 6-16

A Mother Before A Mate Chapter 17-35

A Mother Before A Mate Chapter 36-45

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