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“Alexa, is this the wolf that you have mated to?” My dad asked.
“Yes, now untie him and leave us alone.”
“No, my daughter will not be mated to a low-life Omega. You will reject him.”
“No, dad I will not reject him. He was chosen for me by the moon goddess.”
He walked behind him and let his claws out and put them on his neck and pierced his skin lightly.

“Either reject him or I will kill him, the choice is yours, Alexa.”
I looked at Mateo and tried to convey how sorry I was. I didn’t want to do this. I just wanted to live my life with him.
“Alexa, reject me. I know neither of us wants this but please just reject me. I don’t want to die.”
“See daughter he is weak. You need someone strong to protect you.”
Jade my wolf was crying in my head. She knew that my dad would kill him if I didn’t. We already loved him.

It was the magic of the mate bond. It made you love them instantly and the force of attraction that was there was amazing. I was openly crying now. I didn’t want this.
“Please dad, don’t do this.
“No child of mine will ever have a weak mate.
What will Alexa do after her father does this to her?
Can she forgive and forget or does she seek revenge?

Alpha Alexa Novel Chapter 1-3

Alpha Alexa Novel Chapter 4-7

Alpha Alexa Novel Chapter 8-9

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