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She panted heavily as she ran in the dark woods, her legs cutting so many distance in a split second.
If it wasn’t for the sound of her legs rustling against the leaves and the raucous men chasing after her from behind, she was damn sure her stolid breath would’ve been overheard.

“Faster!!!” “We’re losing her!!!” “Lura would have our heads if we let her go!”

The men yelled from behind, and tho she was scared, she made no attempt to look at them.
The little one whined in her arms – the little one which she held to her chest, wrapped in a thick fabric.
She must be so scared and tired from all the running already.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry” the woman whimpered and increased her pace.
How does she lose the men behind her? The forest was extremely dark with just a dim reflection of the moonlight aiding her path.
A light sob racked her throat and suddenly, she felt a sharp pain on her leg which threw her to the floor.
“Argh!!!” She cried out, unimaginable pains coursing through her body.

Her baby got loose from her arms and rolled to the floor, also letting out her own cry.
“No….!” The mother whimpered, holding onto her leg.
She could tell she’d been shot with an arrow – an arrow poisoned with Sitos, one of the witches’ greatest poisons. No one can survive it…. No one.
Her baby…. her Baby….

She repudiated the pains and crawled to where her baby was, drawing her close and placing her next to her chest as her back hit the floor.
No doubt, the men would definitely be catching up with her now.
“Your fight is over, Ayita” she suddenly heard a voice, that menacing female voice.
She’d known it was her; she’d known the poisoned arrow came from her.
She looked up and could see her standing there in the dark, dressed in her long black dress; so long, it swept the floor.
“Lura, please….” The woman on the floor winced.
“You really think you can run away from your judgement, Ayita? ” She snapped in.
“You thought you were smart enough to escape the penalty for your foolishness?”
Sobs racked her throat.
“My child has nothing to do with this…. please, don’t hurt her….”
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