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His Scarlet Queen Luna Novel Synopsis 

Running I kept on running endlessly away from the force that had been chasing me.
I can’t figure out what it is but it is scary
All I can see is its blue eyes coming towards me and-

snap I wake up covered in sweat breathing heavily
Seeing it’s 6:50 am I get up and take a shower…

I wear my leggings with a purple tank top and a b***on-up plaid shirt leaving the b***ons undone
I comb my blonde hair letting it flow on my back then grabbing my backpack and going down to the kitchen to grab breakfast.
Did I tell you about myself no? Well, my name is Scarlet Reyes I live with my Mom in the little town of Baja California.

His Scarlet Queen Luna Chapter 1-5

His Scarlet Queen Luna Chapter 6-30

His Scarlet Queen Luna Chapter 31-69

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