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“I won’t marry him!” Savannah Gardner’s loud voice resonated in the Avery residence. “You have no other choice.
Savannah, I’ll be honest with you.
You must take Sydney’s place and marry into the Quaker family,” commanded Savannah’s father, Sean Avery, sternly. “Savannah, just say yes and help Sydney out.

Emmett Quaker is intellectually disabled.
If Sydney marries that fool, she’ll be doomed for the rest of her life!” Her mother, Nina Sparrow, came over and cajoled nicely.
Meanwhile, her brother, Ford Avery, had his legs crossed on the white leather sofa in the living room. “Dad, Mom, why bother?
Just tie her up and bring her over to the Quaker family. She should consider herself lucky to replace Sydney and marry someone rich like Emmett.

After all, she’s just a country bumpkin.” Hearing their words, Savannah felt her blood turn cold. “Why do you keep siding with Sydney?
Do you seriously adore her that much? I’m sorry to break the news, but excuse me, I’m actually your biological daughter!
She’s the adopted daughter! Have you forgotten how her parents deliberately exchanged us back then?

Marrying a Dumb Husband Chapter 1-5

Marrying a Dumb Husband Chapter 5-8

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