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“Dear diary, today is the last day of me being here. It’s been exactly a year since the incident happened.
I have been told that all my decisions are always impulsive and rash. But I am moving out of here to further my studies and maybe for a break too.
Mom and dad would’ve wanted that, right? For me to live my life happily.

I know I’ll miss here, but I think I need a change of life and place, otherwise, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over the fact that both of them left me to fight in this world alone.

I am moving with my aunt Marla to her town Pearly canines. The name’s weird, right?
But it is the closest to the university I once liked and will also help her look after me.
She is great and super cool, I had always thought about living with her and having fun, but I never pegged that I would be doing that under these circumstances, I just hope I won’t implicate too much on her.
Need to pack now.
Writing the last entry of the diary, I quickly placed it inside the hidden compartment of my room, which was behind my wardrobe.

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My Personal Lycan King Chapter 15-20

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