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“My dear, you smell really nice…”
In the dark, a man’s hoarse and magnetic voice echoed into Eliza’s ears.
She was on the bed. Her hands were tied up with a leather belt and her eyes were covered in a black silk cloth.
Now that she couldn’t see anything, her other senses were even more sensitive than before.
Trembling, she shrunk her body into a little ball as she endured the stabbing pain inflicted on her body.
In complete darkness, she could only feel the man raping her from behind.
“Now, be good. Let’s change into another position, okay?”
Eliza Lawson forced her eyes open, only to find herself breaking out in cold sweat.
She covered her burning forehead with her palms. It had already been five years since that incident.
Why would she still dream about something that had happened such a long time ago?

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My Three Darlings Chapter 6-10

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My Three Darlings Chapter 21-70

My Three Darlings Chapter 71-112

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My Three Darlings Chapter 138-160

My Three Darlings Chapter 161-165

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