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Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You Novel Synopsis

“President, Madam has left. But before she left, she asked me to give this to you.” Bill said and handed the documents to Waylon.
Waylon Gray looked at it and saw that it was their divorce agreement.
He looked at the file in his hand with a mocking and contemptuous expression on his face.
He then thought about what trick Alena Wright wanted to play. “Don’t worry about her.”

Waylon threw the divorce agreement aside with disdain, and the mocking expression on his face became stronger.
Then he said, “I want to see what tricks she is going to play!” After Alena Wright returned to the villa, she packed up her things.
Since she decided to divorce Waylon Gray, she knew that she was no longer eligible to live there.
Fortunately, she has already agreed with her girlfriend Darcy Harrington in advance.
Darcy has a house in the city center, and she was now training abroad and will not be able to return until a month later.
That would be enough for her to live in her house for a period of time.

After living in Darcy’s house, Alena was ready to find a job. Alena studied jewelry design, so she sent her resume to several well-known jewelry design companies.
Within two days, she received an interview notice from the Cohen Group.
Alena cleaned up and went directly to the Cohen Group. As soon as she walked through the hall of Cohen Group, she saw a familiar figure.
Alena suddenly stiffened, and her face was pale. Not far away, the door of the elevator was slowly closing, and the person in the elevator that she saw was actually Waylon Gray.
She was confused and wondered why he was there. The building was for Cohen Group, not Monarch International Group.

When she submitted her resume, she deliberately avoided the company under Waylon’s name. Now she was really wondering why she would see him there.
She then thought that it might be just a coincidence. Alena was a little flustered and forced down the bitterness in her heart.
Then she realized that her relationship with him was over, and they had nothing to do with each other anymore.

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