Sweet Marriage Dear Lady you’re Mine. Chinese Novel PDF Download/Read Online.

You can download Sweet Marriage; Dear Lady, You’re Mine Chinese Novel story chapters on this page. Starting from chapter 1, I will upload all the chapters of Sweet Marriage Dear Lady, You’re Mine Novel PDFs. The novel is a story about George and Sigrid. You’ll definitely love reading through this super interesting novel story.


George caught Sigrid’s boyfriend sleeping with his fiancee. To punish his fiancee, George said that Sigrid is going to be his bride, or her family would go bankrupt! Sigrid had no choice but to say, yes. What’s worse, it’s just a contract marriage! But she didn’t want this kind of fake love at all. Though she tried to get rid of him, she gradually discovered his charm and tenderness. Day by day, she got his endless love, and she became the apple of his eye. Maybe it would be fine to stay by his side. She thought so. But all of the sweetness ended on that day…she found the secret of their contract marriage…

Sweet Marriage Dear Lady you’re Mine Chapter 1-5

Sweet Marriage Dear Lady you’re Mine Chapter 6-10

Sweet Marriage Dear Lady you’re Mine Chapter 11-15

Sweet Marriage Dear Lady you’re Mine Chapter 16-20

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