The Contracted Ever After (Cordelia and Ronan) Novel – Download PDF

The Contracted Ever After Novel Synopsis – Intern Cordelia unintentionally spent the night with CEO Ronan during a company retreat. She was well aware that he carried a lingering flame for someone else, and their passionate encounter appeared to be a fleeting effect of alcohol-induced desires. Determined to brush it off, she discreetly slipped away, hoping to erase the memory as if it never occurred. Little did she expect that, after two weeks, Ronan would summon her and propose marriage. Cordelia found herself entering a world of opulence, embraced by the adoration of Ronan’s family. Yet, despite this, Ronan remained unyielding, never granting her a single day of kindness…

The Contracted Ever After Chapter 1-30

The Contracted Ever After Chapter 31-45

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