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The screams still keep me up at night after all these years, but it is the blood pouring from my father’s mutilated body that haunts me in my dreams every time I close my eyes.
I will never forget that night… I was almost thirteen when it happened. Almost. And yet, I was still blamed for my father’s death.
In the eyes of my pack, I had been a full-fledged wolf and it was I who murdered my dad.

Thirteen was a magic number for werewolves because at thirteen, our wolves awakened and we could finally shift.
Like any young werewolf, I had been excited about completing my first shift but the night before my thirteenth birthday was anything but a joyous occasion.

I had been tossing and turning, unable to sleep from so much excitement when a tap on my shoulder disrupted my thoughts.
It was my dad. He had two suitcases and a large envelope in his hands.
“Aurora, get dressed. We have to go!” he said in hushed tones, handing me one of the small suitcases. “Pack your things quickly!”
I stared at him wide eyed and confused.

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