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The Mafia Bosses Broken Queen Novel Synopsis

Tomi Gilliam

Brett’s POV Brett’s POV Today is the day that my cousin Kaycie is moving in.
I am excited for her to move in with me and three of my friends de ella. Kaycie and I are close and have been since we were little.
She is four years younger than me at 20.
She called me up about two months ago and said that she needed a change of scenery and asked if I knew anyone who had a spare room she could rent.
I told her I have a spare room that is perfect for her and told her to move here. I inherited a large house from my grandmother.
It is an older two-story but the inside has been completely renovated.
It has two master bedrooms so I told her she can have the upstairs master.
I have the downstairs master bedroom.
I am standing outside with my two friends who also each rent one of the other rooms in the house when the moving truck pulls up and stops.
I see my other cousin Todd get out of the driver’s side and walk over to us.

The Mafia Bosses Broken Queen Chapter 1-5

The Mafia Bosses Broken Queen Chapter 5-8

The Mafia Bosses Broken Queen Chapter 9-11

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