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“I’m sorry Mr. Chen, your mother’s advanced liver cancer has ……”
Looking at the doctor who shook his head in front of him, Chen Dong’s head was dizzy and his eyes swished red.
Since he was a child, he and his mother had been dependent on each other, his mother had worked hard to pay for his schooling and had fallen into this situation before he could enjoy any semblance of happiness.
“Doctor, please save my mother, is there no way out at all?” Chen Dong’s voice was hoarse with tears.
The doctor hesitated and said, “There is one last solution, a liver transplant, the hospital happens to have this resource now ……”
After a pause, he looked Chen Dong up and down, his long medical treatment had made him very clear about Chen Dong’s current situation.
But, he still said, “But …… it will cost a lot, a conservative estimate is that it will cost at least 20W upfront.”
Winner Takes All Novel Protagonist is married, when his mother was getting treated in hospital, he needed money for operation of kidney transplantation but the money he saved was taken away by his wife, What happened next was Unbelievable…

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