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“Nope. No way. Uh uh. This shows waaaay too much skin.”
I stare at my reflection in the mirror, glaring at the offending scraps of material I’m currently wearing.
The triangle bikini top barely contains my breasts, and when I turn to check out my backside, the bottom half of my butt cheeks are hanging out.

“You look hot,” my best friend Sadie says, her dark eyes sparkling as she clutches her hands together in glee.
“Let’s go to the pool!”

Shaking my head, I face her, taking her in. She‘s wearing a two piece that barely covers her, but she’s not as curvy as I am.
I envy her smallish boobs and willowy figure. She can get away with anything, including not wearing a bra. If ! didn’t wear a bra?
Tits everywhere.
“I know that look.” Sadie points at my face, where I can feel the scowl already forming. “You’re coming outside with me. No chickening out allowed.”
“I can’t.” I’m already whining, and this isn’t good, especially when I promised Sadie I would actually be social tonight.

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