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“I was trying to get a way to talk to you,” I admitted. “But, you were gone before I got the chance to do so?
“You spent 50 million dollars on a painting just to speak to me?” She repeated, her eyes questioning whether that made sense to me.
I chuckled, nodding. “As ridiculous as that must sound to you, yes.”
She hummed, not seeming to believe me. “You should stop then. It’s pointless.”
“Is it?” I don’t think so. “Do you really want me to stop?” She nodded, making my smile widen, shifting so I was crouched on one knee, at eye level with her. “Marry me then.”


Isabella devoted the past three years of her life to her husband, James, and his family, practically assuming the role of a maid to cater to their needs.
Despite being treated no better than dirt and never acknowledged as the hostess of the household, she endured it all with unwavering dedication, fueled by her love for James.
As long as he was by her side, she felt she could endure anything. What did she receive in return for her sacrifices?
Divorce papers were thrust in her face in the most callous manner possible.
The realization that she held no place in James’s heart hit hard, as it became evident he never cared for her, not even for a fleeting moment.
Disillusioned, she shed the docile façade she had worn to please him and returned to the family she had severed ties with for the sake of being with him.
When she unexpectedly made an appearance at a lavish ball, questions arose about her identity.

Soon, it dawned on them that she was the heiress to a trillion-dollar fortune.
Suddenly, those who had mistreated her for years sought to erase the scars of their past behavior, eager to win her favor.
However, Isabella had no inclination to waste time on them anymore.
With her inheritance hanging in the balance and the arrival of America’s most eligible bachelor,
Christian Kingston – a charming yet arrogant man who seemed to delight in claiming her as his own – she was poised to be treated as she truly deserved.
As an heiress in every conceivable way.

Heiress’s Second Chance Billionaire Novel Chapter 1-5

Heiress’s Second Chance Billionaire Novel Chapter 6-10

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