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The Alpha King’s Untamed Luna Synopsis

In the presence of the entire pack, they were preparing to exchange their vows and mark each other.

Celeste José adorned a white veil on her head as she gazed into the gentle gray eyes of Alpha King Klaus with a happy smile on her face.

This is her second marriage. After her ex’s betrayal, she had her second chance in Alpha King Klaus.

She waited for the Pack’s Elder to annouce her vows–“Regardless of poverty and illness, are you willing to…”

Celeste took a deep breath, ready to say that magic two words at any moment.

“Are you willing to–confess that you and your stepbrother committed a******y! And that you have committed treason!”

The beautiful oath turned into a cruel trial. Celeste’s eyes widened in horror as she realized she was pinned down by the guards.

“Beautiful queen-to-be, do you have anything else to say?” Alpha King’s voice was completely different from her memories, his eyes cold as ice.

He drew out his sword and pressed the sharp blade against Celeste’s chin, grazing her delicate skin.


When her beloved mate stood opposite her, Celeste was seen as a guilty bride. How should she disclose the truth to Klaus? Will he believe her? With all the doubts and pains they once shared, can the Alpha and Luna find redemption for one another?

Come find out in The Alpha King’s Untamed Luna.

The Alpha King’s Untamed Luna Novel Chapter 1-5

The Alpha King’s Untamed Luna Novel Chapter 6-10

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