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The Proposal
Ember’s POV~
They say storms are only temporary. But the lives they cross never remain the same.
You either perish, or grow so inured even the mighty storm gets enamoured of you.

I blew out a long sigh and took a turn to park my dad’s car in our front yard. Another day of job hunting went in vain.
My previous workplace was shut down due to bankruptcy, and the new places didn’t want an employee with an experience of less than a year.
Now if they wouldn’t let me have the opportunity how was I supposed to get experience?
My parents ran a bakery shop.
After my dad had an accident while working in the King’s factory as a mechanical engineer, he couldn’t work anymore, and they started this small business, but it wasn’t enough.
So I needed a job to support them.

My feet slammed on the brakes as a black limo, parked in our driveway, caught my eye. My brows furrowed, and I racked my brain for any possible relative who rode a limo, but nah, none did. Curiosity gnawed at my tummy, and I parked the car by the side of the road, ignoring the protests of our aged neighbor. Speeding inside the house, I tip-toed near the drawing room and peeked from behind the door frame.
Oh, blast manners! The girl needa know!

A man in a white suit sat in the head sofa, the gray roots of his hair and beard beginning to peek. “Let’s cut to the chase, shall we, Joseph?” he said, authority lacing his tone.
“Err… sure, Mr. King, sir,” dad replied, sitting across from him accompanied by mom.
Mr. King? As in Mr. Bryan William King? The billionaire businessman and dad’s former boss? But what was he doing here?
“Splendid! I want your daughter as my daughter-in-law.”

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Married To A Cruel Billionaire Chapter 4-6

Married To A Cruel Billionaire Chapter 7-9

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