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The Billionaire’s Secret Wife Novel Synopsis

Ten years ago
Justin Sterling wrapped his arms around the soft, slim body of Vanessa Pryce, relaxing in the afterglow.
The top-floor hotel suite was dark, mirroring the desert blackness that floated beyond Vegas’s garish lights.
The AC was putting out cool air, and now that the lovemaking was finished, she shivered. He pulled a sheet over the two of them.

They’d been dating for almost five years.
Justin had attended Stanford for his Masters in order to be close to Vanessa, even though his great-uncle had thought Harvard Business School would be a better option.
Nobody knew they were seeing each other, though. She wanted to keep things low-key to avoid drawing attention to their relationship.
Justin didn’t mind if it made her feel better.
Also, he knew his status as the Heir Apparent to one of the richest and most influential men in the world could destroy the privacy Vanessa wanted.
There was a reason she tried to keep a low profile despite her own family’s considerable wealth and prestige, and she avoided talking about them as much as she could.

The Billionaire’s Secret Wife Novel Chapter 1-14

The Billionaire’s Secret Wife Novel Chapter 14-25

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