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The Princess to Eight Uncles Novel Synopsis​

Lily was forced to kneel in the freezing snow for a full day because her stepmother had suffered a fall, resulting in a miscarriage.
As a result, she was exiled from home because her family believed she brought bad luck.
However, just as she was at the brink of death, all eight of her uncles arrived in time to save her.
The eldest uncle said, ‘It’s time for the Hatcher family to go bankrupt.’

Her second uncle exclaimed, ‘Anyone who harms Lily will be dead!’
Mr. Crawford was so furious that he beat her useless father to a pulp while pleading, ‘So what if she’s the daughter of the Crawford family?
She’s a jinx that caused her mother’s death and her father’s bankruptcy!’
Little did they know that as soon as Lily returned to the

Crawford family, her luck improved, and even the bedridden Mrs. Crawford regained her strength.
Lily was later blessed with an amazing father who loved her dearly.

The Princess to Eight Uncles Novel Chapter 1-5

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