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The Wife I Never Met Novel Synopsis

Girl we understand you are mourning your relationship with Dex but its been two weeks already, you need to pick yourself up and ride the next available horse”
” yeah girl Lisa is right this dude does not deserve your tears”
It’s been two weeks yet it feels like yesterday when Ciara received a text message from Dexter canceling their engagement, yes only two weeks before their wedding day.
While listening to her friends consoling her she recalled what the message said {this is not working anymore, i think we’ve made a mistake let’s breakup}.

Then She said ” This s.ucks I mean who the hell breaks up with someone without giving them an explanation, Dex is such a, i wish not to see him ever again”
she uttered these words with tear running through her porcelain like smooth chicks.
Lisa then stood up while picking up all the we.t crushed kleenex tissues ciara used to wipe her tears, ” ok girls its time for mission cheer Ciara up, lets get you cleaned up, we are going to have fun tonight until you forget that Dex”
Stacy also chimed in ” yeah CiCi your favorite Dj will be playing at crowded house, how about we go there tonight”

The Wife I Never Met Novel Chapter 1-3

The Wife I Never Met Novel Chapter 4-6

The Wife I Never Met Novel Chapter 7-9

The Wife I Never Met Novel Chapter 10-13

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